CV Escrow | No Winter Hibernation for Realtors
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No Winter Hibernation for Realtors

No Winter Hibernation for Realtors

Conventional wisdom typically views the winter months as the quietest time in real estate. While it’s true that people tend to hold off on significant life changes around the holidays, savvy agents can use the time for networking, re-certifications, and continuing education. That way, they’re set to go when the market heats up in the first months of the year – with new skills and a list of potential clients.

But, there’s another way agents can take advantage of the time – especially if they have properties on the market: winter open houses. Not only does it mean less competition, but it also means that sellers may find a pool of more serious buyers – such as parties relocating to the area in the 1st quarter.
With most new listings taking place in the spring, agents with sellers on tap for the new year can benefit from “early” listings. It allows a home to stand out early – instead of just being another needle in the haystack. It also increases the likelihood of offers that stick.

Speaking with the Star-Ledger, Prudential’s Marilyn Bailey states it best: “[Winter] is a nice time of year to shop — not as many buyers are out there, so you’re not competing with other offers as much.”

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