CV Escrow | 3D Floorplan Company Named Best Tech Startup at Realogy Summit
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3D Floorplan Company Named Best Tech Startup at Realogy Summit

3D Floorplan Company Named Best Tech Startup at Realogy Summit

iStock_000020725264XSmallThe Realogy FWD Innovation Summit was recently held in Madison, New Jersey, and the winner of the coveted “best real estate tech startup company” award went to a 3D floorplan company. This technology continues to gain in popularity among real estate agents, interior designers, and architects who need 3D visualization of their spaces.

The winning company, called Floored, creates these 3D floor plans, which give users a three-dimensional virtual tour of a future space. Staff members create the 3D renditions by scanning spaces with a proprietary 3-D camera, using algorithms and manual tweaks to smooth the data, and then creating interactive 3D models that are available and can be shared online.

According to Floored executives, the company helps businesses map commercial spaces by piecing together photography and computer models. Their programs allow users to add furniture to uncompleted spaces to give a better indication of how the finished product might look. They charge an average of 50 cents to $2 per square foot to model spaces using their technology, which is far cheaper than any competing solution.

Floored was chosen by their peers at the event, and the award won the company $25,000. They were chosen among three finalists out of the 15 startup companies that were represented at the event. The three finalists included Floored, HomeZada and BuyerMLS, and the 15 companies onhand were selected from close to 100 applicants.

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