CV Escrow | Homeowners Attempt to Capitalize on New York Super Bowl
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Homeowners Attempt to Capitalize on New York Super Bowl

Homeowners Attempt to Capitalize on New York Super Bowl

rental agreement document with keysThinking about buying tickets to Super Bowl XLVIII at MetLife Stadium? Before you pony-up the dough for a ticket, you might want to consider where you will lay your head following the game (assuming you were able to score one of these coveted tickets). According to a recent report by Reuters, hotel prices have skyrocketed in the New York and New Jersey areas, which has prompted given some homeowners an idea.

In an effort to make some extra cash, many are offering up their homes for rent during the Super Bowl. While this is hardly a new idea, it’s the rates that have piqued people’s’ interest. Reuters says that lodging for Super Bowl XLVIII is some of the most expensive ever, and this includes private residences.

Bill Ryan, managing director of, a relatively new website that connects Super Bowl goers with short-term rentals, said: “There’s a lot of hotels, businesses, and commercial real estate owners who are cashing in on this event and taking the opportunity to make a buck. So, why wouldn’t Joe Homeowner give it a shot?”

So, how much will it set you back to put a roof over your head in New York or New Jersey during the first weekend in February? Listings on popular websites like Airbnb, HomeAway and Craigslist have found that people are charging between $750 per night for a tiny studio and as much as $10,000 per night for a luxury home.

Just ask Garrett Larson, a homeowner who is hoping to rent his two-bedroom townhome in Montclair, N.J. His home is about 15 minutes from the stadium, and he’s asking $8,000 for a six-night stay in his Craigslist ad. It’s about “paying bills and paying off debt,” says Larson.

Many homeowners are hoping to attract guests with extras like daily maid service, fully-stocked bars and kitchens, chauffeur-driven cars, gift certificates for meals and more.

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