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Top Home Design Trends for 2014

Top Home Design Trends for 2014

Modern green kitchen.New home design trends come and go each year, and even each season, and while it’s unrealistic to remodel rooms in the home every time a trend arises, small changes can be made to keep any home updated and looking stylish. Realtor® Magazine reported on the top 10 trends that are going to be hot in 2014, and here are a few that stand out the most.

In the past few years, reclaimed wood has become huge in home design, so it’s no surprise that home owners want the rustic look for their flooring. Wide floorboards, even 5 to 6 inches, cut from different tree species with various colors and tones are hugely popular and give a spectacular dimension to any room in the home.

Along with rustic accents, a hint of color is gaining steam when it comes to kitchens. From hot orange and stainless steel ovens to teal backsplash, homeowners are taking chances with bright hues in their homes. In terms of appliances, most home owners are seeking out energy-efficient options, as well.

Going into the bathroom, many home owners are turning this room from one that people didn’t like to talk about into one that resembles a spa. Giant soaking tubs, steam showers and smart technology are all coming into the bathroom. Heated flooring and zen-like decor are also popular so home owners can easily slip away from the hustle and bustle of daily life.
Speaking of smart technology, home owners are opting to have a digital system for everything from lighting, heat and air conditioning, music and television. Smart technology can also help home owners cut down on bills as many systems can track how much energy is being used on a daily, monthly and yearly basis.

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