CV Escrow | 4 Ways to Stage Your Outdoor Home Space for Selling
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4 Ways to Stage Your Outdoor Home Space for Selling

4 Ways to Stage Your Outdoor Home Space for Selling

Home Staging Tips SellingDespite the great expense and hard work that goes into owning a home, many home owners find great pride in being able to kick back and relax in their favorite areas of the home. One of the most popular areas of the home that many home owners have come to refer to as the “heart of the home,” is the outdoor space.

An outdoor patio, backyard or pool area is the perfect place to host large family gatherings or even just sit back with your favorite book and enjoy the pleasant weather. Like every other area of the home, the strategic upkeep and staging of this space can be used to attract potential buyers into a sale.

“It makes perfect sense to me from the point of view of preparing for a sale,” says Constantine Vasilos, interim head of the interior design department at Harrington College of Design in Chicago, to REALTOR® Mag. “Just like indoors, you don’t want any clutter or a worn-out look in an outdoor space. You want people to feel comfortable.”

Here are some tips for staging your outdoor space to appeal to buyers, or even to enjoy yourself.

Update Chair Coverings

One way to freshen up your outdoor space is to address those old, worn-out furniture cushions. Reupholstering cushions and seats that are in need of repair will provide an instant update to your outdoor space. As Vasilios says, “It makes it feel fresh and tidy, ready to use.”

Opt for fabric that is water-repellent and UV protected, which will help the cushions to stay looking fresh and clean for years to come even with constant exposure to the elements.

Play with Neutral Colors

Sprucing up your outdoor architecture with painted accents will create a focal point for visitors. Experiment with painting sections of a wood fence white, green or blue in a large backyard or use a calming blue on the ceiling of a porch. These visual stimuli are appealing to buyers because it creates a focus and purpose around the space.

“Keep the color connected to nature; think of the calming feel of outdoor water fountains that are popular now,” Vasilios advises. “Just like a mirror or a painting is a focal point inside, the same applies outside.”

Illuminate Yard Accents

Lighting is another important element that can help create a focal point within the yard. Pick up some small tea lights or outdoor sconces with reflectors that will cast light onto bushes or a pretty trellis. These lights will not only illuminate important design accents in the yard, but they will also help to set an ethereal mood.

Create Accents With Inexpensive Plants

Vasilios recommends strategically placing inexpensive plants, such as white orchids, near entryways or at the top of a stairway. This helps to draw the eye back to the home and create an important connection between the yard and home. “In a typical house, the double door connects to the outdoor space, which becomes a wonderful escape from tensions and dilemmas of work,” Vasilos says.

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