CV Escrow | Demystifying the Most Important Phases of the Escrow Process
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Demystifying the Most Important Phases of the Escrow Process

Demystifying the Most Important Phases of the Escrow Process

If you are in the process of purchasing or selling your first home, the escrow process is something that might come across a foreign territory to you. It is definitely understandable, as the terminology and steps involved are often extremely detailed oriented and must be completed in a strategic fashion.

Knowing that you have an experienced escrow officer and real estate professional on your team will obviously be an extremely valuable asset for you during this process, so you’ll want to ensure that you have a reliable team on your side as you move throughout the transaction.

The Beginning Stage: Opening Escrow

The beginning stage of escrow deals with basic information that must be collected prior to delving into the processing of the escrow. Information collected during this phase entails conditions that pertain to the property, general details about all of the parties involved in the transaction, and the organization of assets. Once this information is collected, instructions are devised and are used as the roadmap in moving forward. The homebuyer, home seller, escrow offices and Realtors are involved in this stage and may be called upon to provide information.

The Middle Stage:  Processing Escrow

Additional information gathering normally takes place during this stage as well, although much of the information is more specifically related to specific parts of the escrow process, including obtaining signatures on important documents, determining funds needed to move forward and obtaining a preliminary Title Report. All of these tasks must be completed in a specific order and by a specific date. This is where your escrow officer and Realtors expertise will come into play.

The Final Stage: Closing Escrow

Closing escrow is may seem like the finish line, but there are various items that must be completed in order for the close to be successful. Paying off loans, the preparation of documents and ensuring that all of the instructions have been fulfilled are just several of the actions that take place during this time. Once these items are complete the property is transferred and the escrow closes.

If you are interested in learning more about the escrow process or are seeking an experience and expertise from an escrow officer, please feel free to contact us!

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