CV Escrow | The Growing Need for an Online Marketing Strategy
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The Growing Need for an Online Marketing Strategy

The Growing Need for an Online Marketing Strategy

A decade ago, there wasn’t much talk about online marketing strategies. Real estate professionals were primarily focused on print marketing, farming strategies and referral business. Today, we know the landscape looks quite different and that the web has literally changed everything.

Having an online presence is now a pivotal part of a real estate agent’s overall marketing strategy, and there is quite a bit of data that strongly supports this premise. Consumers today are used to getting information quickly and in an efficient manner. Within the National Association of Realtor’s 2009 Homebuyers and Sellers Study, the following statistics were discovered:

  • 90% of homebuyers utilized the Internet as a source for information when thinking about buying or selling a home
  • 77% of Internet buyers took the action to drive by or view a home after they initially saw it online
  • 36% of homebuyers found the home they ultimately purchased on the Internet

These statistics only reiterate how important an online presence is in today’s world, but the challenge can reside in figuring HOW to develop a strategy. To assist you, we’ve assembled a list of resources that may assist you as you look to create your online marketing strategy.

Tips and Advice on Blogging:

Writing great content for your website and blog

Online videos for your real estate website and blog

How to turn your blog into a prospect producing machine

General Online Marketing Advice:

Build a better website toolkit

Property marketing toolkit

One landing page does not fit all

Articles on Marketing Your Website:

Website visibility: 7 ways to get your website noticed

Online marketing: Technology without technique doesn’t work

What is the best website marketing strategy?

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