CV Escrow | Things To Think About Prior To Refinancing
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Things To Think About Prior To Refinancing

Things To Think About Prior To Refinancing

Refinancing a home can seem like the perfect solution for homeowners when interest rates are low. Often times it is a great decision, but they are also several things to be aware of prior to making the decision. The following items are extremely important to keep in mind if you are in the process of refinancing or are considering it.

Lack of Research
Research is key when refinancing. Homeowners should also compare annual percentage rates, in addition to the quoted interest rate. Simply looking at the quoted interest rate can result in an inaccurate interpretation of the loan cost. Also, ensure you are comparing equal metrics when looking at various numbers and data.

Selecting the Wrong Type of Loan
Keeping in mind long-term life circumstances is an important component of refinancing. If job loss or change in income may occur within a few years, lowering the monthly payment should be a key concern. Ensuring the selection of the right loan for unique circumstances is critical, so weighing out pros and cons of different loan types is extremely important.

Finding the Best Deal
In addition to basic research, homeowners should also think outside of one lender. It’s recommended that borrowers look into at least three different lenders. Often staying with the same lender is ideal, as less paperwork may be required, but, at the same time, borrowers should complete their due diligence to ensure it’s the best route to take.

Refinancing Isn’t Always the Best Decision For Everyone
Homeowners should keep in mind that refinancing isn’t right for everyone. If a homeowner doesn’t intend to stay in the home for several years, it can actually be a big mistake. Homeowners should speak with a professional to determine if it is actually the best decision for their unique situation.

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