CV Escrow | On The Go: How to Create a Better Real Estate Mobile Experience
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On The Go: How to Create a Better Real Estate Mobile Experience

On The Go: How to Create a Better Real Estate Mobile Experience

Chances are, if you don’t have a Smartphone, you have been pondering the idea of purchasing one.  For those constantly on the go, they’ve replaced laptops and PCs.  As a result, more websites are becoming “mobile friendly.”  In order for you and your clients to have a better mobile experience, consider following some (or all) of the following tips:

  • Brevity is key.   Lengthy paragraphs consume bandwidth.  Keep your web content brief. Eliminate Flash – it hogs memory and isn’t compatible with many mobile devices.
  • Turn the tables.  Since you probably don’t have every wireless device available, use to evaluate your site’s appearance on mobile devices.  You can check button sizes and your site’s searchability (to name a couple), with a complete suite of functions to ensure a better mobile experience.
  • Safety first.   Having an app like “Red Alert” will give you peace of mind when you’re out and about.  With features like automatic 911 dialing and hospital locations, you can rest assured that you’re safe with this app.
  • Receipts be gone!  When you’re constantly on the go, tracking expense receipts can become a challenge.  With the “Expensify” app, you can use your smartphone’s camera to digitally track your receipts – and cut out the paper mess.
  • How far?  An app called “MileBug” lets you track mileage for one or more cars.  It also lets you move files seamlessly to your PC or laptop.
  • “Magic” floorplans.  The “MagicPlan” app allows users to create interactive floorplans with your smartphone.  You can easily make measurements and publish results to your website.
  • Track your leads.  With the “Open Home Pro” app, you can sign in clients at Open Houses, then immediately send them a thank you with more information about properties.  If the status changes on a property, you can notify the attendees of the change.

With a little time and effort, these tips can help you better manage your business on the go, letting you focus on the most important thing:  your customers.

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