CV Escrow | Ensuring Your Home Sells in 2012
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Ensuring Your Home Sells in 2012

Ensuring Your Home Sells in 2012

The verdict is in…  The economy is on the mend.  While research indicates that as many as 20% households are still “underwater”, an economic recovery is welcome news across the real estate board.  There are a slew of foreclosures still in inventory across the U.S., competing for owner-occupied sales, and fewer buyers are qualifying for a mortgage these days.  That means sellers have to put their best step forward right of the gate.  By following the following tips, sellers can ensure their home sells in 2012:

1)     Make sure the price is right.  The seller’s market is long gone.  When you’re getting ready to list your home, double and triple check your sale price before putting it up.  Make sure you’re not pricing yourself out of the current market before it even hits the MLS; review the latest comps and notice the spread between listing and sale price.

2)     Spruce up your home – inside and out.  Buyers drive neighborhoods.  If your home is attractive on the outside, they’ll want to see what’s on the inside!  Cut back overgrown shrubs, apply a fresh paint, and replace flowers that are out of season.  Once the outside is beautiful, focus on interior appeal.  Whether it’s by having the home staged or touching up plaster and caulk, the return on this small investment far outweighs the cost.

3)     Be flexible.  It’s a buyer’s market.  Accept it.  But make it work in your favor.  Because nothing drives buyers away faster than a seller who rejects an offer without at least considering it.  If you’re downsizing or have already decided that you’ll be selling the family room sofa set or the backyard shed, consider throwing it in to sweeten the pot.  Closing costs always add up, so consider offering to help your buyer defray some of those fees as well.

4)     Put your listing up EVERYWHERE.  From Facebook to YouTube, savvy buyers and sellers are recognizing the opportunities the internet offers.  Be sure you’re capitalizing on every possible venue you can.

In today’s housing market, a little forethought goes a long way.  By following one (or several) of these suggestions, you’ll ensure your home sells in 2012!

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