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MLS Is Mobile

MLS Is Mobile

Mobile devices such as Android, iPhone and iPad have changed the lives of Realtors, brokers and sales agents alike. They can take their office on the road, and now for the first time, their MLS too.

With MLS Touch, real estate professionals have access to everything they need to stay on top of the local market, expedite showings and write offers while bettering serve their clients. This feature-rich application provides mobile access to the MLS via a very easy to use interface.  With a just a few touches, the information you’re looking for is right at your fingertips.  Here are some of the product highlights:

MLS Touch provides:

  • Quick access to your listings
  • Instant sales comparables to help establish a listing price or writing of an offer
  • Contacts and calendar syncing
  • Statistics that give you local market pricing insight
  • Driving directions
  • Agent contact information

If you’re tired of losing your way on home tours, wasting time trying track down sales agents, and missing opportunities, MLS Touch may be for you.  To learn more and view the demo, go to:

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