CV Escrow | REALTORS® Roll Out Red Carpet For Luxury Home Buyers
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REALTORS® Roll Out Red Carpet For Luxury Home Buyers

REALTORS® Roll Out Red Carpet For Luxury Home Buyers

Realtors Luxury Home ShowingsWhen it comes to selling million dollar homes, the same rules that apply to traditional home sales are not always the tactics that REALTORS® use to appeal to luxury home buyers. While traditional home buyers and sellers may rely on common home-selling tactics such as the open house and interesting staging techniques, real estate agents have taken to pulling out all the stops when it comes to multi-million dollar home sales. For some that has meant putting together an elaborate marketing plan, while others have taken to the skies and seas in order to close luxury deals.

In Cape Cod, Massachusetts, Realtor Jack Cotton has started taking potential clients out on his powerboat. Cotton, who works in the very high end sector of the housing market, uses his boat in order to sell his clients not just a home, but the lifestyle of Cape Cod.

“That’s kind of our secret weapon,” Cotton said to CNN Money. Taking clients along the intricate system of waterways allows them to “experience the lifestyle of being here.”

While Cotton has taken to the seas, agents in other parts of the country are finding life-defining experiences to share with clients as well. Colorado luxury real estate agents have taken clients out while those in Manhattan show potential home buyers around in the most expensive limousines money can buy.

Luxury Real Estate Takes to Skies

In addition to the sea, luxury real estate agents have taken to the skies in order to give their clients the best possible views of their potential backyards and the surrounding community. Ken DeLeon, who is a real estate agent in affluent Atherton, California, recently began showing luxury home buyers around in his private plane in order to give them a bird’s eye view of one of the most expensive zip codes in the United States.

Aside from actually taking clients up in the air, some real estate agents have hired out drone technology to get the same perspective. These unmanned aircrafts can provide high-resolution photographs and video to prospective buyers who never have to leave the ground.

While special treatment is being rolled out for prospective clients, some home builders are also going to extra mile to make clients happy with special amenities even after they’ve secured a deal. In Houston, home builder Al Ross is constructing homes in the $4 million to $5 million range and using the allure of a personal concierge service to attract luxury buyers.

The service is now being offered with every one of Ross’ homes and is good for one year of seasonal flower and plant renewal, the cleaning of the home’s exterior and gutters, touch-ups to walls and other surfaces that sustain damage among other services. In addition to the service, Ross is also offering a three-year warranty on the construction of his homes.

“It’s no different than buying a very luxurious car,” he said to CNN Money. “You expect everything to function properly.”

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