CV Escrow | 5 Signs Of A Poor Agent-Client Relationship
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5 Signs Of A Poor Agent-Client Relationship

5 Signs Of A Poor Agent-Client Relationship

Client Real Estate Agent RelationshipsA lot of work can go into persuading a client to work with an agent, however the work doesn’t end there. Not only does the agent have to make sure the process of buying or selling the client’s home goes smoothly, carefully orchestrating every part of it, but they have to make sure that the client feels good about the process in its entirety. With the proliferation of agents’ Internet sites and the all-knowing Google as a source of housing information, clients can easily get baseless advice, or even worse, a wandering eye.

In order to make sure a client is yours for the duration, here are five signs of a poor relationship and some advice on how to mend fences and make sure the experience is a positive one for both sides.

Agents’ Answers Only Propagate More Questions

One sign of a faltering relationship is finding yourself as the agent answering more questions or responding to outside advice. This means that the client is feeling out of the loop and uneducated in the process. Instead of taking their concerns directly to you, they could be consulting outside sources such as the internet or even other agents. Allow yourself to be the expert for your clients by clueing them in to every aspect of the process they are interested. Once you get to know the clients a little better, try to anticipate their questions and answer them ahead of time, they will appreciate your thoroughness.

The Client Blindly Enters The Process

Information is perhaps the most valuable commodity these days, and your client sees you as the trader that is going to help them become rich in that particular medium. Don’t let them be unfamiliar with any part of the process. Map out where the journey may take them and prepare them ahead of time for the bumps that may lie ahead.

Discussions Are On Repeat

When a client is paying thousands of dollars for your services, it is important to value their time and concerns. Make sure you’re not repeating information or leaving clients confused by making note of every phone conversation and email exchange and responding thoroughly to their concerns. If an issue continues to come up, make sure you are addressing it head on and with your full attention as it is clearly a point of contention for the client.

The Agent Is Too Nice

While its always a good rule of thumb to follow the golden rule, being too nice can actually negatively affect your relationship. A client doesn’t necessarily want a new friend, they want an agent that can get the job done. If your expertise comes with a few stern words its because you are the passionate expert that knows what the situation requires.

They’re Always On Google

These days Google is considered an expert in nearly everything, but don’t let it dethrone you in the eyes of your clients. Make sure your clients feel well-informed throughout the process and they won’t feel it necessary to run to the computer and search every aspect of something you can easily and thoroughly explain.


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