CV Escrow | Get That Long-Listed Home Sold With These Tips
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Get That Long-Listed Home Sold With These Tips

Get That Long-Listed Home Sold With These Tips

Real Estate Marketing TipsMany real estate agents can attest to one thing: not all properties are created equal. In spite of how great a home’s features may be, or its size and grandeur, there are some homes out there that take a little longer to find the right buyer to invest. If you’ve found yourself with a listing that has been languishing on the market for a little longer than you thought, it might be the right time to take a step back and reexamine your strategy.

Here are a few attention-grabbing tips that will help to get your listing more exposure, and hopefully a buyer that is worthy of this diamond in the rough.

Call in a fresh eye

If a particular listing has been languishing for a long time on the market, its decor and layout in the listing photos may be scaring off potential buyers. Since you’ve more than likely been staring at the same furniture and walls for quite some time, this might be a great opportunity to call in a professional stager. This person can cast a fresh eye on the space, and rearrange it so as to change the energy and flow of the home.

This can be especially important if you are trying to appeal to a younger demographic of buyers. Stagers can simply rearrange a room, adding in only a few key elements, to turn a drab, tired space into a bright and exciting one.

Give an all encompassing view of the home

Many MLSs now allow more than 35 photos. Take advantage of this vast amount by showing not only the house but also the neighborhood. Use one or two of the photo slots to add the floor plan of the home to the listing. This will help to give searchers a better idea for the flow of the home and will help to compete with new construction in the area by highlighting certain architectural high points.

Use photo space to include a glimpse into life in the neighborhood as well. In addition to your property, show some of the surrounding homes and highlight the key features in the neighborhood that buyers might find attractive.

Tell the home’s story

One way to really set your listing apart from others is to use the property description to not just inform readers about the home, but to tell the story of the home. Listing the features is an important aspect of attracting buyers, but cleverly telling the story of the home and neighborhood can help readers to really understand what it is like to live in the community.

Remember you have many more outlets than just the MLS to tell the story of a home. Highlight the home on your company’s blog or write an article about the home and its history in the community. You can try getting your article published in one of the local media outlets or anywhere where home buyers are searching for their new homes.

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