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Grow Your Business With a Personal Landing Page

Grow Your Business With a Personal Landing Page

Personal landing pages are becoming all the rage for real estate professionals.  Services like allow you to launch your personal landing page in just a few minutes.  Once it’s active, modern-day technology allows your personal landing page to be virtually maintenance-free, pulling content from sources that you regularly use.

 As you build your personal landing page, think about the kind of personal connection you want to make with your clients.  Tell them about yourself:  your hobbies, your family, your favorite restaurant, your favorite movie.  Doing so allows your clients a peek behind the proverbial curtain – a look at the person behind the sign – so they see you as someone they can relate to.

 These days, we’re connected to the world through multiple channels; your personal landing page can be a virtual contact list for you, linking your clients to you via Facebook, Linked In, Twitter, and email, as well as your office and cell phone numbers and office address.  Each different point of contact allows you more opportunities to grow your list of clientele.

 By setting up a personal domain (e.g., you appear more professional.  It’s easier to build and maintain your “official” brand, linking to the companies and services that you personally trust.  Your listings have a place here as well, staying updated through the services you setup at the start.

 With a little thought and planning, your Personal Landing Page can become a powerful tool.  By giving your past and present clients a way to stay in touch, you’re also growing your business and building a reputation as someone they like and trust!

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